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Ohio RAAM 2017

Welcome to the Ohio RAAM site for 2017 ! On this site you will find information about the two time stations (TS41 Oxford and TS42 Blanchester) that we run as well as ongoing news and info as the race progresses.

Latest News

2017 Website Up and running ! 

Volunteers and Spectators

Please come out and cheer the riders, teams and crews on as they come through our two time stations. Our time stations are manned 24 hours a day from when the first rider comes through until the last rider passes our stations.

At this point in the race the riders have over 2000 miles in and some very hard riding left to go. they really appreciate seeing people out and cheering them on !

If you wish to stay and help at the time station - just let one of the volunteers know - we appreciate any and all help and so do the teams and riders.

To volunteer use the VOLUNTEER tab at top of page and select Category  and then pick your 1 hour time slot, click next and fill in required information then click submit. You will receive an email confirming your spot. If you wish to volunteer for more hours repeat the process for each time slot you want.

Time station setup

We will be setting up the Time Station in Oxford sometime Monday June 19th  2017 in the afternoon and Blanchester sometime after that. Check back here for more info as we will update exact times we will open as soon as we see the estimated arrival times of the first riders to hit TS 41 after they cross the Mississippi river.

We can always use help - so if you are interested please contact us or sign up on the volunteer page

Mobile App

Again this year we will have a mobile app that will let you see the leader board and latest updates on your smart phone or tablet - simply goto HERE and look at the install instructions for your specific device.

The app is a web based app - so it will use internet bandwidth from your mobile device. It will install and look like a native app on the iphone and ipad as well as some other devices.

The leader board and latest update data is pulled from the official RAAM web site and is updated about once every 15 minutes

Please let us know what you think and any improvements we can make - use the contacts page to send us an email

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TS 41 Weather

Mostly cloudy


Oxford OH

Humidity: 49%
Wind: S at 14 mph
Thursday 65°F / 85°F Thunderstorms
Friday 71°F / 84°F Thunderstorms
Saturday 70°F / 81°F Thunderstorms
Sunday 66°F / 82°F Partly cloudy

TS 42 Weather

Partly cloudy


Blanchester OH

Humidity: 55%
Wind: S at 14 mph
Thursday 64°F / 85°F Thunderstorms
Friday 69°F / 83°F Thunderstorms
Saturday 69°F / 81°F Thunderstorms
Sunday 64°F / 82°F Partly cloudy

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